Globe Telecom has been shortlisted in 3 different categories of the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards, created to honor the most outstanding achievements in the field of corporate communications, PR and public affairs.

Specifically, Globe was shortlisted in the following categories: Telecommunications, Sustainability and Environment, and Film and Video.  In the Telecommunications category, Globe gained citation for its #1stWorldInternetPH campaign in line with its vision of a progressive Philippines empowered by the nation-building benefits of faster internet. As the leading mobile telco in the country, Globe took it to task to mount a campaign seeking the cooperation of local government units (LGUs) to hasten the approval of building cell sites to give Filipinos internet experience that is at par with developed countries.

The campaign is premised on difficulties in securing various permits from LGUs amid rampant bureaucratic red tape. The campaign took public the behind-closed-doors issue and turned a problem into an opportunity for local governments to show vision and leadership. It took the form of public service announcements delivered via social media to get constituents to appeal for faster internet to their respective LGUs. The interactive and participatory aspect empowered the general public to raise the issue directly to their LGUs.

At the same time, Globe directly appealed to LGUs at the 2016 Regional Competitiveness Summit, a national gathering of local government leaders, to make internet infrastructure development a top priority for the economic progress of their cities and regions. To underline Globe’s commitment to its vision, the company worked with the city government of Manila to showcase what was possible when both telco and LGU work towards a common goal. Internet infrastructure upgrade work in Binondo, Manila (the world’s oldest Chinatown and its first “fiber district”), was accomplished 8 times faster than usual.

Collectively, these actions prompted voluntary and enthusiastic cooperation from LGUs and has been helping expedite internet infrastructure development in the country.

The company’s Disaster-Preparedness campaign is likewise shortlisted in two different categories namely Sustainability and Environment, and Film and Video.  According to Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer Yoly Crisanto, this is part of the company’s commitment to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Globe started the disaster-preparedness movement under the brand’s advocacy pillar for environmental sustainability. The campaign involved collaboration with environmental filmmakers to create videos featuring communities who live in disaster zones. The films captured human moments of individuals facing and preparing for the next disaster. It sought to underline the urgency of disaster preparedness and how mobile technology becomes a tool for survival and awareness.

This message was taken to social media. The films launched on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Within days of posting, the films racked up tens of thousands of views and interactions, especially for the features on Bataan and Bohol that brought to light stark realizations and education about how these communities have learned to cope and survive within the constant threats of disaster.

“At the heart of Globe Telecom is the thrust of creating a wonderful world – one that is enhanced not only by telecommunications and digital innovation, but also sustained and enriched by a thriving environment. We purposefully started the two campaigns in support of the brand’s advocacy pillars for better internet experience and environmental sustainability. The citation from the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards deepens our commitment to these pillars,” Crisanto said.

The Excellence Awards is hosted by Communication Director, a global magazine for corporate communications and public relations focused in providing real insights into today’s multinational communications. The awards have been celebrating the achievements of communication professionals in the past 10 years with rollouts in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America bringing the celebration to a global level. The winners of the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards 2016 will be announced at the Award Dinner at Harbour Grand Kowloon, Hong Kong on 19 April 2017.


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