Family is the foundation of the Filipino social life. That is why, from the beginning, we have created fun shirts fit for moms and dads, young adults and teens. However, their question has always been: How about the kids?

Now, with Linya-Linya Kids, our little ones can join the fun! With sizes fit for infants, all the way up to 12 years old, we’ll have 5 witty and relatable designs that will surely bring laughter and smiles to the family! We are not kidding— but yes, wear kidding!

Meet the C.O.O. (Child Of Owner): Baby Pancho!

Saab Magalona has represented Linya-Linya for the longest time. From happy to heartbroken, stressed to blessed, bad vibes to good vibes— Filipinos, especially the youth, connect positively with her as she always wears her feelings.

Now, with her equally awesome husband, Jim Bacarro, she has blossomed into a fun-loving supermom to their super cute baby boy, Pancho! Yes, Pancho’s the C.O.O., Child-of-Owner, of Linya-Linya. At such a very young age, he has inspired a lot of people with his miraculous story, and has delighted thousands of fans with his overflowing kakagigil cuteness. The Linya-Linya Kids shirt collection is now available at the Linya-Linya Stores & at! From kids at heart to kids, avail these witty cutie shirts now! 

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