Running out of bonding ideas with your little ones? Try infusing some fun moments during everyday routines like bath time! With a dash of creativity and a little preplanning, daily bath stints can actually become one of the most enjoyable times of the day for you and your little ones. For TV Host and wonder mom Iya Villania-Arellano, bath time is her chance to interact with her boys in a lighthearted but meaningful way. “It’s the perfect time to indulge with silly games with them that is both fun and educational,” exclaims Iya, “A huge bonus? These also create happy, lasting memories for me and my boys!”

Bath Art

With soapy finger painting, Iya taps into her boy’s inner Van Gogh for a fun, whimsical way to encourage their creativity. After lathering up, they use the suds to paint soapy murals on the bathroom walls, the tub, and even on themselves! “I use Babyflo Oatmeal Bath. The presence of colloidal oats in its formula is what sets it apart. It’s a natural moisturizing ingredient that binds to the skin and forms a protective barrier that seals in moisture to keep the skin from drying out. It also calms the skin from some skin problems due to warm temperatures.”

Hair Raising Good Times

During shampoo time, Iya and her boys also get a kick out of making the craziest hairstyles imaginable: mohawks, horns, the Eiffel Tower, name it, they’ve tried it! “I like Babyflo Shampoo. It lathers well and leaves their hair soft and smelling baby fresh.” The shampoo’s formula is completely free of harsh chemicals that irritate eyes, which is a huge plus for Iya. “It definitely keeps bath time tear-free for us,” she laughs.

Fun Bath Moments with the Arellanos

Guess the Body Part

Iya believes that learning is so much better when some glee is thrown in for good measure. To teach her boys about their body parts, she asks them to name which part she is applying moisturizer on. This helps them develop better coordination and awareness of their own bodies. “We use a moisturizer like Babyflo Baby Oil Light immediately after their bath,” shares Iya, “I like it because it goes into the skin easily without leaving a greasy feeling so it’s great to use every day!”

Snow Escapades

Iya knows how much fun it is to enter a world of make-believe fueled by imagination. She evokes winter wonderland feels with a light dusting of baby powder on her son’s skin. “My very active boys are prone to sweating a lot,” Iya laughs, “Babyflo Powder Heavenly White keeps their sweat at bay leaving their skin comfortably dry and soft. The biggest bonus? My boys still smell sweet and huggable, even after running around!”

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