Fujitsu recently released its Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2020, which sets out how stakeholders can drive success in digital transformation during these uncertain times.

The current COVID-19 outbreak has an unprecedented impact on people’s lives, economies, and societies, all while the world experience other challenges, from climate change to rapid urbanization and an aging population. There have also been new risks brought by digital, including the spread of false information and the infringement of privacy. 

For Fujitsu, digital technology has the power to, significantly, change the way people live and work. As such, it must be used to solve these challenges.

“Fujitsu believes that the value of digital transformation lies in the idea that technology can help solve the challenges we face and change the world together. Digital transformation will enable the necessary shift of existing businesses, leading to the realignment of business goals with that of society,” said Fujitsu Philippines President and CEO, Raul “Cricket” Santiago.

The same mindset is also the basis of this year’s Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2020. With case studies of digital transformation and a global survey of business leaders, reinforces how people can rebuild trust and transform businesses to deliver value to society with digital technology.

Among the points included in the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2020 are listed below:

Realigning business with society

Business, science, and technology have greatly contributed to improving the quality of life and industrial development. At the same time, however, they have created social issues, such as environmental problems and infringement of privacy. Under such circumstances, the mindsets of world business leaders are changing rapidly.

In a survey conducted by Fujitsu, over 90% of business leaders responded that their organizations should deliver value to society to be sustainable in the mid to long term. In these challenging times, companies need to link business goals with social goals. Accordingly, it has become essential for corporations to set their purpose in offering value for society.

Fujitsu believes that digital technology plays a key role in helping companies achieve their purpose. A company can make business resilient in responding to the rapidly changing social and economic environment and transforming itself into a trusted business that delivers greater value to society.

Three steps to realize trusted business

Fujitsu proposes three steps to shift businesses to deliver value for society through digital transformation. First, organizations must be ready for digital. This mindset will drive them to formulate their digital transformation strategy and migrate their business operations to using digital technology.

Existing businesses must also be transformed to redefine the purpose and value of the business and transform the business continuously to deliver value to society.

Lastly, organizations must evolve into an ecosystem business model to build a business model to deliver greater value to people and society by connecting existing businesses with innovative services and other partners’ services in adjacent industries.

Creating trust through innovation

In contemporary society, where billions of people and things are connected, trust in data, trust in the technology that processes data and makes decisions, as well as trust in organizations that use data and technology, are becoming increasingly important.

Fujitsu’s innovation contributes to sustainability worldwide by building trust in society. The company is developing unique technologies, including an explainable AI technology called ‘Wide Learning’ that offers to the reason for its judgments, ‘Digital Annealer’ that solves complex problems, and blockchain technology ‘Connection Chain’ that enables the safe and transparent distribution of data.

As a digital transformation partner, Fujitsu will help its customers on their journey of transformation and drive a trusted future together.

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