Data from multi asset investment platform eToro shows Filipino women are leading the way in terms of inclusivity within financial services. Globally, female investors account for nearly 13% of eToro’s 12 million registered users and Filipino women are miles ahead of this, making up over 26% of investors in the region.

Filipino women are outdoing their Asian peers with 18.09% of registered users in Taiwan being female, 17.15% in Hong Kong, 16.29% in Singapore, and 13.24%% in Malaysia. Comparatively, Asian women are better represented on eToro than their European counterparts who on average make up 11.18% of registered users.

“Filipina traders are shattering gender stereotypes with their active participation in the investment scene, proving that investing is a viable path for economic mobility,” said Paul Familiaran, Head of Southeast Asia Business for eToro. “We are optimistic about the sustained upward trend in the number of registered female traders in the coming years, especially since more women joined the ranks of Popular Investors on the eToro platform.”

Popular Investors are traders that eToro users can choose to copy trade, based on their public portfolio, historical returns, risk level, and other key metrics. Popular Investors earn from two income streams – first, from their own trades, and second, from being followed and copied by other users on the platform.

Fehl Dungo, a Filipina Popular Investor on eToro, shared her insight on breaking the stereotypes in the finance sector. “Most people assume professionals in financial services are men, but as a Popular Investor on eToro, I’m bucking this trend. People can copy my investment strategy on the platform for free and I am currently responsible for over US$50,000 of other people’s money—as well as investing my own,” said Dungo, who joined eToro’s Popular Investor program in June 2019.

“I’m able to communicate directly with investors who are copying my trades through the platform, which makes investing more of a social experience,” added Dungo, who regularly gives tips on investing and trading activity updates to her copy traders and followers on eToro’s social trading community.”

While eToro is proud of the growing legacy of women traders, the platform is inclusive to all Filipinos who want access to global financial markets in a simple and transparent way.

“eToro is committed to empowering any investor by giving them access to financial markets. Our proprietary technology enables investors to take control of their investment decision on their own or for those who lack the time to manage a full portfolio or are just beginning to invest, can copy techniques and investment decisions of top traders on eToro,” Familiaran said.

eToro currently operates in over 100 countries with some 12 million registered users who use the platform to gain access to financial markets globally. In fact, eToro’s customer service is available in eight languages, its website in 21, which reflects the diversity of its active investors.

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