Don Tim Development Corporation (DTDC) recently held an inauguration for its latest home model for Montebello, the Lotus Twins.

Located in Alfonso, Cavite, the Lotus Twins is an Asian-style duplex bungalow that features open and flexible spaces ready for post-pandemic life.

The Lotus Twins, which has an Asian contemporary design, has a flexible interior design, high ceilings, and wide windows for better ventilation — a necessity in the new normal. It also has a climate-conscious design that maximizes natural sunlight and the cool breeze in Tagaytay, providing a brighter and breezy environment inside each house that may lead to lower electricity costs as residents do not have to use air conditioners and extra lights.

With proper ventilation and open interior space, residents can enjoy their leisure time for gatherings, social activities, and playtime with pets and the whole family.

Don Tim Development Corporation (DTDC) unveils post-pandemic friendly home model in Alfonso, Cavite
L-R: Niรฑa Elpa, Don Timโ€™s Head of Finance, Grace Malingin Head of Project Development and Innovation, Architect Niรฑo Gajasan, Principal Consultant, LINKAGES Real Estate Planning & Design, Engr. Marilou Tibayan, Head of Alfonso Municipality Engineering Office, CEO Audric Leong, and Atty. Joey Melgarejo from the Legal Department

As these open interior spaces benefit residents who work from home and need bigger spaces, it also allows residents to become more flexible and interchange interior designs based on their spatial preference, may it be for aesthetics, their daily lives, or how they adjust to post-pandemic life.

The Lotus Twins has generous garden spaces and a comfortable set-up for plantitos and plantitas who love gardening and growing their own fresh produce.

Each house uses modern finishes for its exteriors, evoking a rustic look of log cabins and summer cottages that surround Tagaytay City and its nearby towns. 

More importantly, Lotus Twins addresses the post-pandemic realization that โ€œliving in the city is not necessary to productivity,โ€ says Audric Leong, Chief Executive Officer of Don Tim Development Corporation (DTDC)

He adds, โ€œIn fact, it can be detrimental to it, in terms of time wasted in traffic, constant exposure to crowds, enclosed spaces, etc. We’ve learned that we can live and work anywhere, so it might as well be in a place where you can breathe easy, live healthily, and thrive.โ€Aside from the Lotus Twins, the Montebello also has two other new designs: the Daphne I and the Daphne II, both also boasting climate-conscious designs and open spaces beneficial for residents who are looking for a more breathable living environment in the new normal.

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