Cloud-based productivity software, mobile and portable hardware, and network security are three of the most important things that organizations need to invest in to be able to make working from home (WFH) viable for employees, according to the chief transformation officer of the leading digital bank in the Philippines.

During a webinar that was organized by the Institute of Corporate Directors last May 25, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) chief technology and operations officer and chief transformation officer Henry Aguda talked about WFH as part of the new normal amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

At the forum titled Home is Where the Work Is: How to Make WFH Work, Aguda cited numerous measures that UnionBank implemented to ensure a smooth transition to a company-wide WFH arrangement.

At the moment, UnionBank operates with 80-90 percent of its employees working from home.
This includes investing in hardware that is mobile and portable – replacing desktops with laptops, improving employee productivity through the issuance of smartphones they can use for work, and providing connectivity facilities especially to those who have poor access to the internet.

Digital Investments Necessary for Effective Work-From-Home Arrangement, Says Unionbank Exec

Software is another aspect that organizations should focus on to ensure smooth WFH processes. Aguda highlighted the importance of cloud-based productivity software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s suite of applications not only in enabling employees to carry out their tasks, but also in how software like these enable real-time collaboration among them, even while working from home.

In terms of protecting valuable company data, Aguda said that investing in high-end security fit for WFH processes is a must, especially since the appropriate security measures in these arrangements can differ from those in the office setting.

Aside from these, making sure that employees are continuously learning while they are working from home is also important. According to Aguda, one simple but effective way of doing this is through modules that employees can access online anytime.

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