Carousell is a marketplace where you can buy and sell anything (cars, books, art, clothes, etc.). Declutter your closet, sell used items, reclaim more space in your home, get rid of stuff you don’t use, and earn some cash in the process. Person-to-person buying and selling on iPhone and Android smartphones has never been this easy. 

The bad habit of hoarding adds stress to our lives and eats up space in our homes – the brain simply “sees” too many things and, consequently, has too much to process. To get rid of stuff you don’t need but cling to, here are four tips.

Be Ruthless

Your mother/roommate/loved one may be right when s/he said you don’t need all this stuff. To ease your mind in case you throw away useful-stuff-in-the-future or things-that-might-still-be-of-value, ask yourself when you last used that item, if you still use it, if it still fits your life right now, if it still fits you. A little self-searching like this can’t hurt, and can even ease up your life. A less cluttered home make for a less cluttered mind. It’s time to move on.

Throw Away, Donate, or Sell

Throwing away means you have no idea if someone will get to use what once mattered to you. Donation is an option. Another is to get something out of your old stuff that may just be gathering dust. Sell them.

Remember a time when fewer things meant an easier life

We often remember our younger years when life was simpler because there were fewer things to consider. The same rule applies right now. Downsize to only the vital items and life will get easier.

Sell your pre-loved items on Carousell

The benefits of using Carousell are clear. From their website:

  1. Super Simple Selling. Simply snap a photo, describe it, and list your item. It’s never been easier to sell your ever-increasing pile of clothes, gadgets, & accessories that are new or barely used. And it’s free!
  2. Discover Huge Savings. Uncover hidden gems to save up to 80% off retail prices! Discover new stuff with thousands of listings added each week.
  3. Save Time and Money. Skip shipping fees & save traveling time when you buy from people near your home, school or office. You travel to these places all the time anyway.


Download the Carousell app for iOS and Android.

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