The digital landscape is perpetually developing. Along with new advancements come more distractions and competition. Films, music, games, and social media bring brands and influencers on board to secure even a sliver of the audience’s attention. But these stunts can become stale. What remains timeless, though, are public relations agency-caliber strategies. These strategies make sure your content meets today’s quality standards, so you thrive on any platform.

Below you’ll find a curated list of the best techniques to try:

There are many articles about the importance of a well-defined target audience profile, but it still bears repeating. Clearly defining your target audience is your business’ north star. It answers the vital questions: “Who are we creating for?” and more importantly “Why are we creating this?”

Some audience identifiers include demographics, interests, and online behavior. Delve deeper and take note of these to better tailor your content.

Remember how we wanted to answer the why of our content? It ties into the audience’s needs. Meeting your audience’s needs and preferences should be foremost when creating digital outputs. Carefully determined content plays a vital role in informing your future content-making decision. By doing so, you can further optimize and tailor-fit your content, diagnose any areas for improvement, and apply appropriate solutions to any concerns.

To do this you can:

● Conduct polls/surveys (ex. Google Forms)

● Analyze web analytics and content performance (ex. Google Analytics)

● Monitor social media conversations (ex. Facebook comments)

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn offer tools to help elevate your content and user-experience. With diverse audiences and formats, utilizing these unique features to your full advantage will help usher in more engagements.

Remember: Deciding the best platform for your content holds as much weight as the quality of the content itself.

Content effectivity hinges on certain social media post types that deliver a tangible impression to generate reach, brand relativity, and advocacy. These are potent tools that:

● Resonate on a personal level (ex. Relatable stories or behind-the-scenes look)

● Evoke emotions (ex. Create posts around major/minor holidays or awareness)

● Spark discussions (ex. Host live streams or Q&A sessions)

Some content types you can experiment with include static posts, albums, GIFs, makeshift polls, videos or reels, and more. Don’t be afraid to switch things up now and then. Diverse formats can give you a good insight into what content type your audience resonates with most.

Visual content is inherently eye-grabbing and more shareable than text-exclusive posts. Just make sure it’s executed correctly. For instance, don’t skip out on ensuring the standard benchmark of crisp imagery and clear audio. You can also research best practices for specific content types.

Being this detailed won’t just make your content look good. It will also positively reflect your brand’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to accomplish just that:


● Have good lighting and composition

● Ensure the highlighted subject is visible

● Select images that are relevant to the content or topic being discussed or summarized

● Compose a beginning, middle, and end outline for your video to ensure cohesiveness


● Use pixelated images/videos

● Oversaturate the colors or apply too many filters

● Settle for dull compositions that, at the end of the day, don’t add any value to your audience.

Hashtags and trending topics expand your content’s reach on social media. By harnessing its power – it could serve as a launchpad to penetrate new spaces, reach more audiences organically, and ensure your content remains up-to-date.

There are two separate classifications of hashtags, depending on your branding, goals, and audience:

● Trending hashtags – popular keywords or hot topics that are widely used on social media. These are usually hashtags and keywords associated with a large number of existing content (think above a million posts on a single platform). Content sporting these trending hashtags has a chance of being discovered by an audience more diverse than their targets. Some examples of trending hashtags include the popular #InstaDaily on Instagram. If you observe platforms like X and Threads, you’ll find that they feature trending hashtags, too.

● Niche hashtags – a specific, targeted keyword or phrase within a focused group or community. These hashtags tend to be associated with anywhere from a hundred to a couple hundred thousand posts and tend to circulate in certain communities and exclusive spaces. For instance, a crafting materials supply business might sport the hashtag #CraftingMaterialsManila to indicate what they’re selling and where they’re available. If you have a certain campaign you want to run and gather participation for, coming up with a campaign hashtag can help keep collaterals in an easily identifiable space. Make sure you pick something unique to your niche and business!

Now that you’ve engaged them with your social media content, keep it up when they get to your landing page. The first impression of your brand’s website lays the groundwork for a potential visitor to explore further and become a lead or customer. Make sure your site has these:

● A landing page composed of persuasive copies, and compelling calls-to-action (CTA).

● Homepage content that succinctly conveys its message.

● Pleasant content layout and design that features a comprehensible font with ample white space to give the eye some room to breathe.

● A mobile-friendly, accessible website format for all users.

Implementing these strategies is critical to crafting engaging content and finding success in various digital platforms because it provides the gateway to accurately diagnosing and providing reliable solutions to internal concerns.

It’s imperative to embrace the experimentation process to better refine your approach into one that corresponds to your brand’s voice. In return, your content will continually improve and even stay ahead of the competition.

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