y’s businesses need to be able to scale, customize, and adjust at just a moment’s notice to address their customer’s needs, especially with the volatility brought on by COVID-19. Though this can be challenging, there are businesses out there showing these obstacles can be overcome. 

Enter MyKuya Enterprise Solutions. Built by the company behind super app MyKuya, MyKuya Enterprise Solutions aims to be a platform where businesses can easily hire manpower to help out with pretty much anything from delivering packages to even disinfecting items.

According to MyKuya Country Head Dennis Bunye, MyKuya- Enterprise Solutions promises to help businesses out like never before.  “In this day and age, you can’t exactly predict what a business will require,” he explains. “We’re the ones who can step in and provide a diverse range of solutions that answers every need.”

Yet Bunye is quick to point out that what enables MyKuya- Enterprise Solutions to offer such a diverse selection of services are the multi-talented Kuyas and Ates (the nickname for MyKuya’s partners) who work with them and are more than happy to fulfill client requests. For one, the company employs specialists in various fields, ranging from barbers who can readily groom people in the comforts of their own homes, air-conditioner cleaning specialists, disinfection specialists, personal shoppers, event planners, delivery personnel, and so much more.

Still, the benefits of these services don’t just stop at the clients. In many ways, MyKuya Enterprise Solutions has allowed many craftsmen to continue working. “Malaking tulong po ang MyKuya Enterprise Solutions para sa aking kabuhayan (MyKuya Enterprise Solutions has been a great help for my livelihood),” says Kuya Rogelio Santos, an air conditioner cleaner working with the company. “Kaya po labis po ako nagpapasalamat sa MyKuya, dahil sa kanila may trabaho pa ako (I’m really grateful for MyKuya, because of them I still have work).”

One Ate, Rosa Rubio, even mentioned that working with MyKuya Enterprise Solutions allows her to continue her children’s schooling. “Mahirap ang panahon ngayon, pero dahil sa trabaho na bininibigay ng mga kliyente, nakakapagkita ako para sa online classes ng mga anak ko (Times are hard now, but because of the work the clients give, I earn enough so my children can attend their online classes),” says Rubio. “Kahit ano pa iyan, kakayanin kong gawin (No matter what it is, I’ll work hard to do it).”

It’s the unparalleled flexibility and willingness of these Kuyas and Ates to go the extra mile that enables MyKuya Enterprise Solutions to count big names such as retail giant Rustan’s and the Belo Medical Group amongst their happy clients. This success goes a long way in convincing other businesses to partner with them, as is the case with their home haircut service, which was made possible in conjunction with barbershop Felipe & Sons.

According to Felipe & Sons co-founder Martin Warren, the partnership has helped business immensely over on their end. “Moving some of our operations over to MyKuya Enterprise Solutions lets people avail of our services without needing them to step out of the safety of their homes,” he says.

Overall, MyKuya Enterprise Solutions shows that even in the midst of an unparalleled crisis, there are still rays of hope. Far from struggling to survive, the team behind MyKuya Enterprise Solutions demonstrates that it is possible to be proactive during a pandemic, while also creating work for all sorts of people. 

“We’re glad to have a business model that’s so diverse and flexible,” Bunye states. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone. We’re able to fulfill even the most unique client requests while generating employment opportunities for just about anybody, thereby helping alleviate widespread unemployment.”

“At the end of the day, we’re happy to help out in any way we can,” Bunye concludes. 

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