In Vitro Fertilization, a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), is considered as the last, best option of getting pregnant for couples who have tried different available fertility management processes.

The ART Of Conception: Helping Couples Realize Their Dream Of Parenthood, a briefing sponsored by Merck Serono Philippines was held at the Marco Polo Hotel last April 22, 2015. The lecture was delivered by Anthony Marc B. Ancheta, MD , FPOGS, FPSREI and the briefing was focused on In Vitro Fertilization, its availability in the Philippines, the services that go with it, and the limits to what our fertility management experts can do.

In Vitro Fertilization


In Vitro Fertilization centers in the Philippines not only offer the actual process of fertilization (egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfers), but they also do mandatory screening for both male and females to make sure that both parents are healthy and do not have any current illness that could complicate the procedure or harm the embryo.

Cryopreservation is also offered to potential parents. Females can now have their developing follicles cryopreserved if they plan to have children at a later time or if they need to undergo chemo therapy. For males, cryopreservation is an option if they have Obstructive Azoospermia (low levels of good looking sperm), if they need to undergo chemotherapy, or if they are not going to be in the IVF centers with their wife during an IVF cycle.


Before an In Vitro Fertilization cycle can start, there are 2 prerequisites: (1) there should be a minimum number of developing follicles and (2) there should be a minimum number of “good-looking” sperms. The presence of the fallopian tubes is NOT required for IVF.

As one gets older, the chances of getting pregnant via In Vitro Fertilization gets reduced: for ages 35 years old and below, there is a 46 percent chance. Whereas for 41-42 years old, the chances are less than 9 percent.

The In Vitro Fertilization centers in the Philippines are also limited in the services that they offer based on their Code of Ethics. Two services are not offered: Third Party IVF services (such as Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, Surrogacy, Embryo donation, Same-sex In Vitro Fertilization) and Sex-selection.

In Vitro Fertilization


Victory ART Lab Philippines – Medical Plaza, Makati
CRM (Center for Reproductive Medicine) – Ortigas, pasig
CARMI – St. Lukes Medical Center-Global City, Taguig
Repro Optima – Capitol Site, Cebu City

Free Phone Consultation with Fertility Management Experts

When: May 9, 2015 – 3:00pm to 7:00pm
How: Call 502-8830 to register

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