Manila, Philippines – Triathlon is one of the hardest and most grueling of athletic events. A participant must have all the support he can get before he even trains for the sport. With this in mind, Raymond Lozano can be considered a truly blessed triathlete.

In the most difficult one-day sporting event in the world, the Cobra Ironman 70.3 which is set to be held on August 2, 2015 in Cebu, a favored competitor Raymond enjoys a wide range of supporters: his family, his friends, and his company, IBEX Global.

“I’m very grateful to know that everyone is behind me on this endeavor,” Raymond said. “Having my company, IBEX Global, on my team really gives me the assurance that I can go the distance because I have them supporting me every step of the way.”


IBEX Global is one of the fastest growing BPO companies and known as an innovator in the industry. It prides itself with its use of disruptive technologies and efficient employee management. Raymond serves as one of its Operations Managers.

As an operations manager, Raymond regularly coaches and supports team supervisors in IBEX Global. He is also responsible for ensuring that client service levels and internal targets are met consistently. But despite having a career that demands a high degree of adaptability and flexibility, he is able to balance the demands of his work and his interests.

“We were very happy to find out that one of our colleagues was going to join the upcoming Cobra Ironman event,” said Mr. Gilbert Sta. Maria, COO of IBEX Global. “We knew that this is many an athlete’s dream and we are happy to be a part of Raymond’s bid to be at the pinnacle of his health and fitness.”

IBEX Global is sponsoring Raymond’s tri-suit and providing for his expensive nutrition packs, such as powergels and salt sticks. His company also allows him to manage his work schedule, allowing him take a 3-week long leave of absence that helps him adhere to his rigorous training schedule.

“This is a very big deal for Raymond. At IBEX Global, we make it a point to support our employees to thrive and enrich their everyday lives outside of the workspace. We are simply showing everyone that the BPO and call center industry is not always based on stress, erratic shifting schedules, and long hours. The flexibility can even help us find creative paths for our employees to reach their goals and dreams,” stresses Gilbert Sta. Maria.

IBEX Global powers fast-paced brands in the world by using the best and most advanced technology, utilized by high-level contact center professionals. Through Raymond Lozano’s race to the finish line, they are indeed defying the norm.

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