Gizmo is a small but energetic Laso Alpo, a small dog breed. Sheila, my neighbor, loves him. They just moved in to our Makati apartment building, and along with that meant she lost the services of her dog’s long-time veterinarian and the pet supply shops she’s frequented for two years. Both of these are in Pasig.

I told her of the three nearest animal clinics with both grooming services and home service closest to our street, and that if ever the dog food she needed (Good Boy Dog Food), wasn’t available in those three, she could always order them for Gizmo on Shopee.

Good Boy Dog Food Little Variant (for Small Breed Adult) with Lamp Flavor (2kg) is great for small dog breeds 1 year and up.

Good Boy Dog Food Little Variant for Small Breed Adult is available at Shopee for 15% off, that's a price cut from the normal P230 to only P195.

Here’s how its teeth and gum cleaning properties work. Good Boy Little has functional fibers. These make the kibble resist easily breaking up when chewed up by your dog, which in turn creates a longer chewing time and a cleaning process (abrasive brushing of their teeth). This process reduces dental plaque build up and calculus on the dog’s teeth.

Its composition include Crude Protein (min. -21%), Crude Fat (min. -8%), Crude Fiber ( max. -7%), and Moisture (max. -10%).

You can buy the Good Boy Dog Food Little at Shopee for 15% off, that’s a price cut from the normal P230 to only P195.

With her busy schedule and the General Community Quarantine still on, I’m sure Sheila will be ordering more Good Boy Dog Food online than going out to shop. It’s stimply more convenient.

You can visit the official Good Boy store on Shopee here. Download the Shopee app for FREE from the App Store and Google Play Store.