Food entrepreneurship in the last few years has branched away from the traditional restaurant model as more businesses set up at home or join food parks across the Metro. But success in this rising sector takes more than just delicious food, value for money, or even connections.

“Consumers today aren’t just picky eaters, they also look at the whole service when evaluating the quality of a food stall or restaurant,” Haier’s Product Manager for Refrigerators Jennifer Samson said. “With that in mind, aspiring food businesses should always be ready to meet customer expectations.”

Haier Negosyo Series, Refrigerator

Kitchen functionality is vital to quality food service, and appliances like the refrigerator play a central role in keeping the prep area organized and efficient. Unfortunately, a typical residential fridge might prove too small for storing a week’s worth of food and drinks, while a commercial refrigerator might be too bulky for a house or small stall.

The best a small space can hope for is a large-capacity refrigerator with the same basic features of a residential unit. This is the solution that Haier is offering small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that aspire to be next big hit for foodies.

Sizeable efficiency

It’s very tempting for new food entrepreneurs to purchase more than one storage appliance to accommodate items from fresh ingredients and pre-prepared food to chilled beverages and ice. The problem is the limited space, plus the added power costs.

Haier addresses these concerns with the Negosyo Series—large-capacity refrigerators designed with food SMEs in mind. Available in 6.6 and 8.4 cubic feet sizes, these units are designed to store plenty of items as needed by the business.

A highlight of the series is the bottom freezer, which utilizes Direct Cool Technology for a faster cooling performance compared to top mount refrigerators. Unlike in residential units, the bottom freezer comprises almost half the refrigerator so it can hold more frozen goods. The bottom freezer also includes a beverage bottle bin where users can store two-liter bottles.

But while the Negosyo Series has a faster cooling performance, it has a higher Energy Efficiency Factor (EFF) at 154-210, which results to lower power consumption and costs.

Optimal access

Aside from its efficient performance and energy-saving capacity, the Negosyo Series has stainless steel door panels and hidden handles, which give kitchens a touch of elegance. Though these fridges stand out for their beauty, they still meet users’ need for functional design.

The Negosyo Series takes the familiar two-door design to make it easier to use the fridge without having to read a manual. The bottom-mount scheme puts the refrigerator at eye-level to add convenience when getting frequently accessed items such as chilled water, condiments, and drinks for sale. Organization is also not a problem thanks to adjustable shelving in both sections.

For added convenience, the door hinges can be installed either on the left or right side to suit the setup of the space or the user’s preference.

“It’s important that kitchen appliances are efficient especially when used for business, since there’s nothing more annoying for customers than late food,” Product manager said. “With commercial refrigerators designed like home units, small food businesses can enjoy convenience while offering great customer service.”

Haier’s Negosyo Series comes with a two-year warranty for parts and labor as well as a five-year warranty for the compressor.

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