Batangas, Philippines — Following Taal Volcano’s phreatomagmatic eruption last July 1 and the continuous unrest in the succeeding days, local government units in Batangas have ordered evacuation for families and individuals residing near the volcano. 

As the makers of the TaALERT app, the first mobile application for real-time updates on Taal with safety and evacuation monitoring features, Teralogix has led the assistance to the evacuees by setting up a community pantry and providing free access to the TaALERT app. Teralogix has also provided the evacuation centers with thermometers and contact tracing portals to ensure the safety of the evacuees amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.  

PHIVOLCS has reported several phreatomagmatic bursts in the Taal Volcano over the past few weeks, and as of July 22, the grey plume reached up to 900 meters high. The evacuees will remain in the evacuation centers until the volcano settles, and while the efforts of Teralogix have been helpful to these communities, there is still a lot that we can do to help.

Promoting the bayanihan spirit and the TaALERTo attitude, Teralogix calls for everyone to help these communities through in-kind and cash donations. Among the necessities needed in the centers are: N95 masks, food and water for the families, and rescue vehicles for emergency relocations. 

Be TaALERTo and help out stranded families and animals in Batangas

Ms. Drizzella Sicat, CEO of Teralogix, emphasizes the need for urgent help for these evacuees, “There has been continuous activity in the volcano this past week and the evacuees are in dire need of necessary supplies. Their lives have been uprooted and disrupted, and we need to be TaALERTo for them, by reaching out and helping them through this tough time.”

A lot of animals are currently stranded in unsafe locations, while some are currently living in the evacuation centers. Animal rescues are also being organized and any pet food and necessities are welcome. “We need to include these animals in our rescue efforts. They need to be taken care of as well, and we’re trying our best to make sure that we have enough for these pets,” added Ms. Sicat.

For cash donations, you may deposit them to : 0939 2636 429

BDO: Teralogix Information Technology Solutions
Account No.:007220243712
Branch: Ayala Alabang

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