The winners’ list of the 30th Taiwan Excellence Award, also known as the Academy Awards for industries in Taiwan, was finally released. Within tens of thousands of entries, GIGABYTE laptops emerged victorious over other competitors with the AERO 15 OLED Creator Laptop, AERO 17 HDR Creator Laptop, AORUS 17G Professional Gaming Laptop, and AORUS 17X Flagship Professional Gaming laptops triumphant once again. The AORUS 17X Flagship Professional Gaming laptop was even nominated for the Gold and Silver Awards, the highest honor of the competition, demonstrating the strength of GIGABYTE’s renowned product design.

The pioneer of Xrite™ factory color calibration and Pantone® Validated dual certification 4K displays, 300Hz high refresh rate, Microsoft Azure AI, and various industry-leading technologies, the GIGABYTE’s AERO Creator Laptop series and AORUS Professional Gaming Laptop series also obtained the 2021 Red Dot Design Award as well as many others. This year (2021), GIGABYTE and Intel collaborated in launching laptops powered by Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake-H CPUs, combining the unrivaled performance, exquisite design, and exclusive technologies to dominate the global market, igniting a new generation of laptops.

Each year, GIGABYTE’s R&D strength has received the honor of recognition from numerous domestic and international awards. The award-winning AERO Creator Laptop series and AORUS Professional Gaming series emphasized the top performances essential for gaming and content creation, enabling users to battle or work anywhere, any time. AORUS 17X Flagship Professional Gaming laptop has broken multiple records of the industry, with the latest generation possessing superior heat-dissipating ability with Vapor Chamber, an innovative heat-dissipating technology, added to the exclusive WINDFORCE Infinity heat dissipation design. The result is an improvement of 37% in heat-dissipating performance, allowing the overclockable i9-11980HK and the RTX 3080 with 165 watts of maximum power to unleash their ultimate potential. It is also the only series of laptops on the market equipped with a full-size Omron mechanical keyboard fully made in Japan. GIGABYTE AORUS and AERO laptops are engineered with the latest technology combined with massive quality of life improvements, flawlessly redefining the dream of the supreme modern gaming laptop.

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