DBA Advisory, one of the leading financial services and technology firms in Australia, has chosen to locate operations in the Philippines to better serve their diverse client base. DBA Global Shared Services, Inc. (DBA), the outsourcing arm of DBA Advisory, is a Philippine registered corporation focused on providing innovative professional outsourcing solutions to Australia’s financial services sector. 

Established in the Philippines in 2013, DBA provides high-end quality outsourced services and solutions, combining large-scale utilization of available technological resources and the excellent skills of their people. What started as a seven-man team in a small office in Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) quickly grew to 35 employees in its first year. After six years in the industry, DBA now employs 250 professionals with offices in Clark, Bataan, and Tarlac.

According to DBA President and CEO Darlow Parazo, they chose to set up office in the Philippines because, “the country has, perhaps, the best pool of highly skilled personnel in the field of accounting, law and IT that you can find anywhere in the world. The Filipino workforce is so committed and culturally always eager to help.”

DBA is committed not only to providing quality outsourced services to their clients, but also to offer job opportunities to the vast pool of local talents, so professionals won’t have to move to the metro for work. This is the main driving force for DBA’s decision to set up offices in the provinces. The company also offers competitive salaries and benefits, comparable to other Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in Metro Manila, and provides long-term career paths to their employees, so they can work close to home.

By providing jobs to local talents, DBA was able to access multi-disciplinary and multi-industry professionals and expand their services. Their SMSF Division has audited 3,500 SMSFs the past year. The Self-managed Super Fund (SMSF) is the retirement savings structure for Australians, similar to the Pension Fund provided by the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines. DBA’s Financial Planning Division can produce more than 1,500 Records of Advice (ROAs), Statements of Advice (SOAs) and Review documents a year, while their Business Services Division serves over 100 services firms across the globe. Their Creative Team has already designed various websites and provided branding services to a number of clients.

Through the dedication of their highly skilled and dynamic team of professionals, DBA has also become renowned in the BPO industry as a provider of disruptive outsourcing solutions. As a technology driven company backed by expert IT professionals and with the help of partner software companies, DBA provides cloud computing solutions and robotic process automation (RPA). Through disruptive outsourcing solution, DBA is empowering their clients to work smarter, scale faster, and gain competitive advantage.

Recently, DBA has launched Change Management Services to help propel businesses in their respective industries. Change Management is the process of implementing strategies for businesses to transition and transform their processes and technologies and become more dynamic in the marketplace. The Change Management service provided by DBA has helped their clients gain access to new technology, transform internal operations, expand their offerings, and improve employee performance.

As they aim to gain a greater ground in the Philippine market, DBA is seeking to implement Change Management solutions to local agencies – starting with the education sector – in the hopes of helping organizations become more agile and expand their capabilities. In addition, plans to implement two more services to help streamline communication and information management in local agencies are also underway.

In their bid to empower municipal authorities, emergency services and law enforcement, DBA is looking into offering Safe City Services. Through Safe City, municipal authorities, first responders, and the police will be able to monitor public areas better and relay information faster to increase personal safety and public security.

Another service that DBA will be offering is Healthcare Technology Services (HTS), a solution that can help healthcare professionals provide a higher level of patient care. Through HTS, healthcare providers and professionals will have real-time access to patient data and healthcare locating systems, which will allow them to treat patients faster, and ensure optimal patient care and safety.

DBA envisions local agencies to adapt to an optimized and modernized work process by providing access to advance software and technology. Through DBA’s expertise in innovative solutions, the Philippines may soon be able to stand on the same level with more technologically advanced countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region. 

To know more about DBA, visit their website www.dbaadvisory.com or email them at info@dbaadvisory.com.

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