ASG Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise, today unveiled ASG-TMON for IMS 3.5, offering day one support for the latest release of the IBM subsystem. The new release enables organizations to better manage IBM IMS resource performance and costs, while intelligently planning for the future. ASG-TMON for IMS provides data center managers, data base administrators and system programmers with new support to effectively reduce costly application downtime and quickly identify, respond to and resolve IMS system, database and application problems.

ASG-TMON for IMS 3.5 maintains ASG’s commitment to IBM IMS by adding day one support for IBM’s just announced release of IMS V15.2. Other key enhancements include:

• Enhanced profile management through cross-TMONPlex shared repositories. By migrating the profiles of each member in a TMONPlex into a plex-wide shared repository, profiles only need to be created once and are then available for all TMONPlex members, saving time and effort to manage them and providing consistency across the TMONPlex

• Improved abilities to perform IMS Type-1 and Type-2 commands to facilitate IMS operations

ASG-TMON for IMS 3.5 improves overall IMS availability by proactively managing IMS applications and critical IMS resources, providing the insight needed to solve complex IMS system, transaction and database problems. Use of ASG-TMON for IMS results in optimized end-user response times and performance.

Jeff Cherrington, Vice President of Product Management for ASG Systems Management offerings, said, “The ASG TMON brand is recognized by IT professionals for its highly integrated, easy-to-use solutions. ASG-TMON for IMS 3.5 provides a single view of IMS across the enterprise, including critical information needed for tuning and debugging IMS systems and applications to identify and resolve performance issues before outages occur. We at ASG are pleased to provide day one support for IBM’s latest release.”

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