Even though we are slowly resuming the daily routine we had before the community quarantine
happened, there is still a high level of uncertainty among us when it comes to going outside the
comfort of our home. As a result of the recent global events, it is not surprising to see that the
practice of wearing a face mask outside will be here to stay.

We at ARC Clothing recognize the struggle of sourcing and buying surgical masks for your daily
use. So, we have come up with a line of reusable face masks. Instead of consuming disposable
face masks everyday, why not invest in a reusable that you can easily sanitize.

These masks are made from washable fabrics that come in colorful designs. It has a layer of
fusible interfacing in between two layers of fabric for an added barrier layer. There is also an
additional pocket where you can place another layer of the filter. Furthermore, this mask uses
an adjustable metal nose bridge for tighter snug and more comfortable fit, making sure your
face is fully covered. Lastly, it has adjustable straps that make it easier to wear and remove the
mask when needed, without straining your ears like common facemasks would.

Remember that these are non-medical masks and should not be used in replacement of
Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs). Still, it’s a convenient and comfortable option for times
when you have to go outside your home.

ARC Gets Ready for the New Normal
ARC Alcohol Holder

Aside from wearing a mask out in public, it is important to keep your hands sanitized at all times.
However, if you do not want to carry around a big bottle of alcohol or you are always a victim of
losing your spray bottle in your bag. We got you covered. ARC Clothing also designed a line of
portable alcohol cases. It comes with a 20ml slim card-type alcohol container, held together by a
neck strap. This case also has an extra card slot, where you can place your ID or ATM, perfect
for a quick errand run outside.

ARC Clothing can be seen on Facebook (facebook.com/shoparcclothing) and on Instagram
(@shoparcclothing) for further details. We also have our own website
(www.shoparcclothingcom) where you can see and shop all of our products.

We are going through significantly trying times. ARC Clothing wants to provide you comfort as
you continue to barrel through your day. We are all in this together.

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