As a champion for sustainability, Allianz PNB Life teamed up with Xavier School and the Tzu Chi Foundation in a recycling activity that encouraged students to reduce and recycle the clutter in their homes and make proper waste disposal a lifelong habit. More than 15,000 kilos of recyclable material were collected for reuse or responsible disposal during the four-week period. 

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Xavier School President, Fr. Aristotle Dy, S.J., said, “Waste management is one of the most basic practices that needs to be pushed in a big way.” He tied this to the lesson of the church and the Jesuits that we must take care of God’s creations as they are a gift to mankind. “This recycling activity proposed by Allianz PNB Life was very timely in light of the transition to the need for a cleaner post-pandemic world.” 

The clean-up drive was conducted in October with the participation of Xavier School San Juan and Nuvali. It was intended to make the act of recycling fun for young kids by incentivizing it, while also teaching them about reducing clutter and properly segregating and disposing of waste for a healthier, cleaner environment.

“For Allianz PNB Life, sustainability is a deliberate act of ensuring that future generations will have a secure future and will inherit a cleaner, healthier planet,” said Allianz PNB Life Brand and Digital Marketing Director and Xavier alumnus, Kenneth Yu. “As such, this project with Xavier School aims to instill the habit of recycling in the students so that they can learn about its importance at an early age.”

For this clean-up drive, Xavier students were encouraged to segregate and bring their recyclables from home, such as plastics, paper, glass bottles, scrap metal items and others, to designated drop off points within the schools. Volunteers were present to receive the donations, which were then checked, weighed and recorded. Students were separated into groups and the groups that accumulated the biggest contribution by weight from each campus will be awarded Php 20,000 each to be used for future sustainability projects. 

Allianz PNB Life and Xavier School’s partner for the drive, the Tzu Chi Foundation, screened the recyclables and made sure that material that can be reused will be given to those who need them. Material that can be recycled will be disposed of responsibly so as to not harm the environment, and all proceeds from the drive will go toward their other charitable and social activities. Tzu Chi Foundation is a Buddhist non-government organization that does charity work including community volunteerism, environmental protection, and disaster relief. 

Allianz PNB Life, Xavier School, and the Tzu Chi Foundation partner together for a cleaner environment

“For the Tzu Chi Foundation, it is very important that we promote environmental friendliness for a cleaner world,” said Judy Lao, Tzu Chi Commissioner. “We are thankful to Xavier and Allianz PNB Life for this partnership. We are also happy to see that young students are being taught to take care of the environment.”

Xavier alumni were also involved in the recycling drive and donated a significant amount of recyclable material. “As part of the older generation, just like good older brothers and uncles, we wanted to set an example to the younger generation of Xaverians,” said Artemio Victor Sanchez, III, President of the Alumni Association. “Recycling is a worthwhile endeavor for everybody to partake in.”

Allianz PNB Life’s clean-up drive with Xavier School and the Tzu Chi Foundation adds another program to its extensive list of efforts when it comes to sustainability. In the past, Allianz PNB Life released an award-winning digital short film campaign called No Filter, which showcased how the effects of climate change cannot be hidden behind social media filters. The video campaign was recognized both internationally and locally. Aside from this, Allianz PNB Life continues to expand its sustainable transport initiative, Allianz Ride Safe; just recently the organization unveiled its Ride Safe Mural at Apartment Ridge Underpass in Makati, with the goal of inspiring passersby to go outside and appreciate the environment around them while doing physical activities like walking, running, or biking. With their city and private partners, they had previously constructed biking infrastructure in the cities of San Juan, Manila, and Taguig. 

“Allianz PNB Life is always committed to promoting sustainability,” said Allianz PNB Life President and CEO, Alexander Grenz. “We are always looking for like-minded partners who have the same focus as we do because we believe that by collaborating, we can be more effective with our programs. I am grateful to Xavier School and the Tzu Chi Foundation, as well as all our other partners in our past campaigns, for being such staunch stalwarts in our goal to secure the future through sustainability.”

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