Easy-to-do diet tips to lose excess pounds from the holidays

Did you know that people could gain up to 5 pounds over the holidays? According to Calorie Control Center (CCC), people gain an average of 1-3 pounds over the Christmas season while overweight individuals can add up to 5 pounds.

This year, kick-start your journey to a slimmer and trimmer you with help from noted culinary expert and athlete Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico. The celebrity chef who is also the brand ambassador of Sunnywood combines his passion for various sports and cooking to always be on his best physique.

“The New Year is the perfect time to start a diet,” explains Chef Lau. “With the right amount of discipline and motivation, healthier diets can be easily achieved.”

Chef Lau for Sunnywood1. Stay away from sweets

Cutting down on meats and sweets may be a challenge after enjoying them so much during the holidays but Chef Lau suggests to go easy on them to lose those extra pounds.

He says, “Too much sugar is bad for the health because they are empty calories. They have no essential nutrients.”

2. Drink your fluids

Everyone is recommended to drink eight glasses of water per day—but can doing this help you lose weight? The relationship of water and weight loss has always been a topic of debate. Still, drinking water can definitely help manage how much you eat.

Chef Lau suggests, “If you want to eat less, drink a glass of water before eating to feel fuller. I also suggest to avoid drinking sodas, even the sugar-free ones. Alkaline water is a great alternative. Remember, our bodies are mostly water so make sure you have 8 to 10 glasses a day.”

3. More meals, less servings

Studies suggest that people who maintained their ideal weight for years eat an average of five light meals everyday. Chef Lau remarks, “Taking frequent but light meals helps us control our appetites better. It also stops us from bingeing.”

4. Leave the processed foods behind

Chef Lau believes that processed food products are one of the main enemies of those who want to lose weight.

“Let’s admit it; all of us are guilty of eating processed foods. They are easier to cook and sometimes tastier too. But they also have additives and chemicals that are not good for the body. They are also high in sugar. ”

5. Eat healthier rice

Filipinos have an unbreakable love affair with rice. Unfortunately, white rice is loaded with carbohydrates that tend to make you feel hungrier than you actually are. It can be difficult to remove it from your daily diet, so Chef Lau recommends finding a low-calorie alternative.

“Black rice is a great substitute for white rice,” recommends Chef Lau. “It makes you feel fuller so you actually eat less. Furthermore, it is rich in antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals—which also help prevent heart problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.” Even more, it has twice the fiber and is slightly lower in calories!

Jordan Farms and other rice brands under Sunnywood offer a number of healthier and naturally grown rice varieties, including the Black Rice.
According to Chef Lau, looking for smart substitutes is key to losing holiday pounds. He explains, “It’s difficult to immediately change eating habits after all the delicious food you enjoyed during the holidays. Small tweaks in your diet will make for an easier transition.”

Chef Lau concludes, “Falling back to healthy eating is easy as long as you are armed with the right approach. Do it slowly but diligently and you’ll surely be back in those skinny jeans in no time.”