3 reasons why Komo by EastWest should be your go-to digital banking service

As the world continues shifting to the digital space, online banking becomes even more of a necessity and not just a convenience.

In May 2020, universal bank EastWest launched Komo, a fully digital banking service backed by the security of a strong, established bank. With just the app, Komo provides customers a convenient and digital experience from account opening to transactions to even card management, all without going to a branch, being stuck in lines, and worrying about any hidden charges.

“In this new normal, there’s an even greater emphasis on convenience, and being able to perform financial transactions anytime and anywhere. Komo was launched to equip our customers with services that not only helps them meet their needs, but also goes beyond and empowers customers to take control of their money,” said Isabelle Yap, Komo Business Head.

She added, “From being able to skip lines and pay bills at home, to transferring money nationwide whenever and wherever they are, Komo also offers its customers money management tools that can help them build smarter money habits, and the ability to get insured in just a few taps. With Komo, Kontrol Mo ang Pera mo.” 

In an industry with so many choices, selecting an e-wallet or digital bank can be confusing, but Komo is here to make life easier for you. Here are the top reasons why you should open a Komo account: 

It lets you access your money anytime and anywhere.

3 reasons why Komo by EastWest should be your go-to digital banking service

Opening a Komo account is free, but it also comes with a free Visa debit card you can use for cashless and online transactions. The best part is that if ever you need cash, Komo offers free ATM withdrawals nationwide! Even on transfers, Komo gives you more freedom and flexibility with less limits on restrictions than other providers. 

It lets you grow your money.

3 reasons why Komo by EastWest should be your go-to digital banking service

Every Peso counts and, in some wallets, parking your money there doesn’t earn much interest. With Komo, you can enjoy 2.5% annual interest on top of your savings, giving you peace of mind that your money is growing. Komo kicks it up a notch with its money management tools – services designed to help you form better saving habits. 

It keeps your funds safe.

3 reasons why Komo by EastWest should be your go-to digital banking service

With all things digital, security is always at the forefront. With the support of both the EastWest Unibank and the EastWest Rural bank, customers can rest easy knowing their accounts are safe, secure, and compliant. Komo also lets you lock your card via the app for total protection and even offers customizable and affordable insurance for you and your loved ones.

With just one valid ID, a smartphone, and just 5 minutes of your time, you can easily create a Komo account for free by tapping this link. Komo is also free to use as it does not require any minimum or maintaining balances. 

“With its overall convenience, competitive interest rates, zero fees, and top-notch security, Komo is already a contender in the digital banking landscape. Nonetheless, EastWest is committed to further develop the app to ensure that its customers’ progressing digital banking needs will continue to be addressed,” Isabelle Yap concluded. 

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