If you haven’t already checked out the augmented reality game by Hendrick’s Gin, The Cucumber Horticulturist, you have 12 days left to get your hands on some exclusive discounts! 

Launched on 20 June in celebration of World Cucumber Day, the brand’s first-ever AR game is an invitation to weed out the bad vibes and reap positivity while scoring a sweet deal in the process. Keeping true to the spirit of World Cucumber Day, the game involves growing a virtual cucumber which can be used as cucumber currency to exchange for discounts off your next Hendrick’s Gin purchase. To win, simply grow the cucumber plant by collecting water droplets while avoiding the roses! A stray petal can bring the round to a thorny end. With enough water gathered in the pot, you’ll be able to grow a majestic vine with fruits ripe for picking! 

Hurry on over to http://worldcucumberday.asia/ and win a chance to score a 15% off discount for your next Hendrick’s Gin purchase! It’s time to unleash your inner horticulturist and get growing before the promotion ends on July 20. Once you’ve successfully proven your green thumb, you’ll receive an email with your e-ticket within 24 hours! The discount can then be redeemed at boozeshop.ph until July 31, 2020.  

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