You can now use your smartphone to open an EON account and top it up at 7-eleven

UnionBank was one of the first, if not the first, to offer a debit card (EON card) which freelancers could link to their PayPal accounts, so they can make withdrawals from their PayPal account at any UnionBank ATM or bank. Naturally, the EON card holder could also shop online and offline, pay bills, and buy load. Now, UnionBank is offering an easier way to open an EON account, without going to the bank, so that freelancers and shoppers can enjoy its conveniences. Meet the EON Starter Kit.

EON Account Starter Kit, P150 at any 7-eleven store.

You can get the EON Starter Kit for P150 at 7-eleven (and get P50 upon activation) or through Lazada. Download the EON app (for either iOS or Android) and go through the activation process: take a selfie, scan a valid ID, and type in the needed info (all of these done on your phone). No need to go to the bank. No unnecessary fees and no minimum balance required.

You can also link your PayPal account to your EON account and cash in (deposit to your account) at any 7-eleven store (there’s a P10 fee for every P500). Still, no need to go to bank. Logging on to your EON account on your phone can either be through a selfie or touchID.

Here’s the EON app on a mobile device.

The Competition

You can also enjoy all of these debit card conveniences (shopping online and offline, linking to and withdrawing from one’s PayPal account, etc.) with other services like GCash MasterCard and PayMaya, both of which can be activated from your phone.

However, EON distinguishes itself in that it

  • lets you log on to your mobile EON account via a selfie or touchID (no need to remember a password)
  • offers tiers (see below) which offer (for EON Lite, Plus, and Pro) increasing cash, withdrawal, fund transfer, and purchase ceilings
  • bundles in a free My Shopping Box subscription (worth $25) for EON Lite, Plus, and Pro tiers. The subscription gives you a US address where you can ship items you buy online. When your purchased items arrive at the US address, you can have them shipped to your address of choice.

The display booth at the EON My Digital Me event at Valkyrie.

Other noteworthy features of the EON account:

  • To curb incidence of fraud, you can lock your EON card with the EON app or through the EON website.
  • No more forgetting-your-password problem, as you can log on to your EON account via a selfie or touchID.
  • You can use the EON app or log in to the EON website to change your PIN anytime. No need to look for an ATM to change your PIN.
  • If you have no WiFi, you can still access the EON app using mobile data on any network for free (except when on roaming).
  • If you lose your EON card, or just need another one, just buy a new EON Starter Kit and link this to your account. No long replacement process.
  • You can move money to another EON Account, another UnionBank Account, or an account in another bank. And you can even schedule your transfers.

EON Co-Creators and UnionBank Executives at the EON My Digital Me event at Valkyrie, BGC last April 7, 2017.

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