Why Being a Philam Life Financial Advisor fits Millenials


Of the top five careers that offer top money, four are not really surprising: Customer Service Representative, IT/Software Developer, Business Development Trainer, and Actuarian Science/Statistician. The one that isn’t as familiar is “Financial Advisor”. Philam Life wants to offer millennials a chance to work as Financial Advisors, so they can “work to live” instead of the other way around. You don’t need to have a business degree, or even a college degree at, all to start, as long as you can pass licensure exams.

The travel perks, the satisfaction that you’re helping clients reach financial security and prosperity, and the training that boosts confidence and presentation skills go a long way in setting you up along a satisfying career path.

Philam Life, Financial Advisor

Millenials want more out of life. They have passions outside their work, a place seen by some as a means to an end, something to be endured and escaped from. It’s easier to take on aspects of life outside of work when you know your work can help people, when you don’t have to endure it. With this understanding of Millenials, Philam Life has announced during the party, “Ignite! The Real Party Never Stops,” its new campaign to offer a career path to the current generation of work-life-balance seekers.

Philam Life, Ignite, Jay Ledesma

Held at Valkyrie last July 16, 2015, Philam Life’s Ignite! party featured 13 young and passionate NextGen seekers who have found a fulfilling career while pursuing the things they love. Among the Financial Advisors in attendance were Aileen Palmes, who is passionate about ballet, and Timothie Sy, whose winning mindset and determination befits his being a Financial Advisor.

Philam Life, Ignite, Jay Ledesma

Jay Ledesma, Philam Life Chief Agency Officer, answered questions on what the Philam Life Financial Advisor career path has in store for passionate, young, determined young people.

Philam Life, Ignite

Philam Life also showcased their newly launched magazine, ‘Ignite,’ which showcase what’s in store for the aspiring Financial Advisor as well as short features on the 13 feature NextGen passionate life-seekers.

Philam Life, Financial Advisors


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