UNIQLO expands its line up of comfortable, functional, and fashionable fleece outwear

Though we live in a tropical country, we spend a lot of time inside cold air-conditioned areas – offices, theaters, lobbies, airports – and even outdoors (when we’re hiking, mountaineering, or on out-of-town trips). With the -ber months upon us, UNIQLO offers their expanded line up of fleece outwear – all of them comfortable, functional, and fashionable.

  • Outdoor.
  • Office.
  • Casual.
  • Out of town.
  • UNIQLO store at the ground floor of SM Aura.

The UNIQLO 2015 line up includes fashionable coats and functional windproof jackets. UNIQLO has even grown its extra warm fleece offering, giving you 1.5 degrees Celcius greater warmth.

UNIQLO ambassador Andi Manzano (center) with GPReyes and their little girl, Olivia.

The Men’s Line

The men’s line include an expanded range of windproof fleece. This wind-resistant feature (a special film between the inner and outer material to keep out drafts) has been incorporated in soft and comfortable pile lined fleece jacket, Sherpa fleece jacket in trendy khaki or camouflage colors, and faux mouton fleece jacket (this last one was designed as a mouton jacket rather than fleece).

The UNIQLO store at the ground floor of SM Aura.

The Women’s Line

The women’s line showcase four new types of coats, each with a unique silhouette: a trendy fleece coat, fluffy fleece coat, pile lined fleece coat, and windproof fleece coat.

Left to right. Designer Daryl Change, event host, and Shuhei Yamada (UNIQLO Philippines Four Large Stores Area Manager).

Extra Warmth

The UNIQLO Fall Winter 2015 line up use fleece made from fibers that trap warmth inside. The cross-section of these fibers is in a “C” shape that retains dead air to improve warmth. Along with standard jackets, this extra warm fleece is available in parkas and print fleece, as well as women’s fluffy fleece jackets and kids’ fleece jackets. The UNIQLO Fall Winter 2015 line up also includes an expanded range of check and bi-color designs, and those from UNIQLO’s MAGIC FOR ALL collaboration with Disney (which launched for Fall Winter 2015).

Left to right: Designer Daryl Chang, GP Reyes, Andi Manzano (and child Olivia), Geraldine Sia (UNIQLO Philippines General Manager), and Shuhei Yamada (UNIQLO Philippines Four Large Stores Area Manager).

UNIQLO first launched fleece in 1994.


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