Transcend StoreJet 100 for Mac 2TB external hard drive Review

Since upgrading your Mac’s hard drive may be costly and time-consuming, a good option is to get external storage, and move your files there, leaving your OS and key apps in your hard drive. You should consider a large capacity portable hard drive, especially if you have tons of video, audio, and other files you want to access easily. One such portable external storage option is the P6,690.00 Transcend StoreJet 100 for Mac. Here’s our review.


The Good

Works out of the box, like any external drive. Even without reading the manual, you can plug it into your Mac (in our case, the 11-inch MacBook Air of two years ago), wait for it to be detected, and then you can start transferring files or accessing them (movie and music playback).

The StoreJet 100 for Mac supports Time Machine, so you can back up and synch your data on your Mac.

Easy one-button back up solution. You can download for free the Transcend Elite data software which makes it simple to keep vital files tidy, protected, and also up-to-date. After installation, pressing the button on top of the drive lets you to instantly back up and synch data on your Mac.

The StoreJet 100 for Mac is designed to handle shocks (has a silicon rubber exterior which also adds grip) and is certainly less fragile than many external drives without a housing to absorb bumps and drops.

Ergonomic build, minimalist look, easy to hold. The StoreJet 100 for Mac feels sturdy in your hand, is small enough to fit in any bag, and doesn’t feel cumbersome to bring along.

Data transfer speeds are acceptable. There’s a bundled-with USB 3.0 cable. The StoreJet 100 for Mac is formatted in HFS+ for your Mac, but can be reformatted for Windows compatibility.


The Maybe Bad

We can’t think of any.


The Verdict

The Transcend StoreJet 100 for Mac is a good option for extending your Mac’s storage. While other external storage options are available – a dedicated SD card, a large capacity flash drive, or an external hard drive of the usual 500GB-ish capacity – the StoreJet 100 for Mac is a one-purchase-always-bringable option. No need to keep multiple external storage devices around. Just settle for one and always bring it with you. It’s durable, offers a one-button back up option, and its capacity is certainly big enough for most people.

The Transcend StoreJet 100 for Mac sells for Php 6,690.

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