Transcend JetDrive Go 500S Lightning / USB 3.1 32GB Flash Drive Review

When your iOS device doesn’t have enough storage, there’s always a compact external flash drive option, like the Transcend JetDrive Go 500S. It’s got 32GB of saving room for your photos, videos, and files; offers fast transfer speeds; and allows you to view or play back your media saved on the JetDrive Go 500S itself. It works with iOS devices with Lightning port and is a compact option to back up your files or carry around audio/ video that you like. The file manager app, JetDrive Go, is also easy to use.

If you have an iOS device needing extra storage, get the Transcend JetDrive Go 500S. Full review on

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The Good

Stylish, compact, sturdy build. Ergonomic design makes plugging it into your iOS device and computer’s USB port easy.

Attaching the JetDrive Go 500S to your iOS device for the first time triggers a pop up notification that you need to download the JetDrive Go app, which is convenient. No need to hunt for the right app.

JetDrive Go storage interface is easy to navigate, learn, and you can immediately start copying files between devices. Back up your photos, videos, contacts, or move files between devices to free up phone storage space. Also, the option to copy files appears with a tap when you load a given image or video in your iOS device’s folder, making it easy to move it around.

Since you can copy files from your Mac to the JetDrive Go 500S, you can bring with your media and files that you want to play back or view without clogging up your iOS device’s internal storage.

The JetDrive Go app has a simple camera that allows you to take pictures and videos and save them directly on the JetDrive Go 500S. While the camera may be too simple for some, this feature allows for some time saving, in that you don’t need to shoot with your iOS device’s camera/s and then save them to the external flash drive.

Comes with two caps (in case you lose one) and a leather strap that turns the JetDrive Go 500S into a keychain dongle, which is handy.


The Maybe Bad

Because the JetDrive Go 500S is so tiny, you could put on your work table or while at a restaurant and forget to pack it away. Fortunatley, the carrying strap is noticeable enough. But still. Remember to pack it away after use.


The Verdict

Because the higher storage capacity variants of iOS devices come with a higher price, some of us prefer the not so big storage variants. That’s understandable. But constant use fills up the internal storage (iOS devices do not offer expansion options via micro SD card, unlike Android smartphones), so more pics and vids taken eventually lead to a filled-to-capacity device.

Good thing there are external storage options like the Transcend JetFrive Go 500S for all your iOS devices with Lightning port. It’s light, compact, stylish, easy to use; and the JetDrive Go file manager app is intuitive. It’s a no brainer. If you have an iOS device needing extra storage, buy this.

TheTranscend JetFrive Go 500S is priced at P3,381. 

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