QBE Foundation partners with Dynamic Teen Company

QBE Foundation formally announces its partnership with Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) led by Efren Penaflorida, 2009 CNN Hero of the Year. QBE and DTC will work together to deliver a long-term program designed to fulfil the promise of education for a generation of disadvantaged Filipino schoolchildren from primary through to tertiary levels.

Harnin Manalaysay (mentor), Kesz Valdez (founder,Championing Community Children), Engr.Roel Solis(Owner,Nikos Hazon),Subra Ramakrishnan ( QBE Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management),Engr.Elmer Paguirigan (donor,solar pannels), Efren Peñaflorida (DTC Founder) Poses before the dedication ceremony of the place

Through DTC’s Kariton Klasrum (Pushcart Classroom) which opens a chance for young street children to have access to education and better learning opportunities, L.E.A.P. (Learner’s Educational Aid Program) which send children to formal secondary school, and S.T.E.P. (Scholarship for Tertiary Education Program) which provides scholarship and educational assistance for deserving youth to pursue a college degree or get a vocational course, children of all ages can journey with QBE towards a bright future as empowered citizens and community leaders.

L-R Engr.ELmer,Engr.Solis,Efren,Harnin,Subra of QBE,Ms.Jamie Abella of QBE,Kesz as they start covering the burried capsule containing the blue print and memorabilla’s placed by the volunteers,as well as the drawed vision of the officers of Championing Community Children and DTC.

QBE will also be building the school facility that will house a new Senior High School Program of DTC in Cavite.

“We all have a responsibility to give back to our community and our country” says Karen Batungbacal, Executive General Manager of QBE Group Shared Services Centre (GSSC). “Through the Foundation, we are able to provide education to those who can’t afford it, and lead them to opportunities for livelihood, employment and sustainability.”

L-R Efren,Kesz,Harnin as he place the Blue Print of the building to the capsule,to be burried during the ceremony,Engr.Allan Sarte and Engr.Roel Solis of Nikos Hazon,Engr.Elmer Paguirigan

“QBE’s partnership with DTC is a blessing” says Efren Penaflorida. “Finding sufficient funds to sustain our efforts (at DTC) is an ongoing challenge. The support QBE gives us makes us more confident and determined that we can help more children and change their lives for the better.”

The QBE Foundation and DTC partnership was officially launched on February 25, 2016, on the 30th year anniversary of the People Power, at QBE GSSC’s Net Cube Building at Bonifacio Global City. As the nation commemorated the thousands of heroes who fought for our freedom through a peaceful revolution, QBE and DTC in turn sealed a commitment to fight poverty through an education revolution that would change and save the lives of many.

L-R Engr.Sarte,Engr.Solis,Engr.Elmer, Efren,Subra of QBE,Ms.Jamie of QBE,Kesz Valdez, Angeline Neri of DTC as they pose after the ceremony.

Efren once said, “Everybody has a hero in them. Look inside you. You are the change that you dream of and what the world needs to have.” And for QBE Foundation, championing a child in the classroom today to empower a leader tomorrow will no longer be just a dream but that first step making a difference in a child’s life.


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About QBE Foundation

QBE has always believed in helping the disadvantaged in the communities where it operates. QBE Foundation, launched in 2011, is the company’s major global corporate responsibility initiative. The Foundation supports charities and non-government organizations that help people overcome disadvantage, strengthen their abilities, and live more independently, successfully, and productively. QBE Foundation reflects QBE’s insurance role in the community by assisting people in need with help from employees and volunteers.

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