No Load? No Problem! Globe Prepaid customers can text and surf even without load


Don’t let “no load” stop you. If you’re on Globe Prepaid, you can text, call, and surf even without load!

Globe Telecom’s new service allows its prepaid and TM customers to borrow promos and load amounts to send texts, make calls, surf, or browse Facebook even without prepaid load.

With the loan service, you won’t have to worry about running out of load in the middle of the night or during a busy day, because you can borrow load to text, call, surf, or register directly to your favorite prepaid or TM promos which include SULITXT15, GOSURF15, and GOUNLI20!

Customers can choose from a wide variety of promo and load loan offers, which includes prepaid load, surfing promos via GoSURF, Facebook browsing promos, as well as various call and text promos.

A corresponding service fee will be charged on top of the load or promo’s regular price upon the customer’s next reload.

The new service is a personalized offer, which means it can vary for different customers. Your loyalty, loading activity and usage will determine what kind of offer a customer is eligible to avail. (It literally pays to be a loyal Globe subscriber!)

Select Globe Prepaid/TM customers will receive an SMS notification on the loan offer or an advertisement on their respective Facebook accounts to be able to avail of the loan services. They can simply loan a promo by texting the keyword to 3733. Total loan amount including a service fee will be deducted upon their next reload. Subscribers can also text LOAN INFO to 3733 (for Globe Prepaid) or UTANG INFO to 3733 (for TM) for free to get a list of load and promos they can avail.

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