Made in Japan, Premium, and Built to Last – Panasonic launches Refrigerator and Cuble Washer/Dryer

Panasonic, in their pursuit of innovation and convenience, has launched two brand-new products for the homemaker. Both products are made in Japan—a true indicator of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies.

Left to right: Shinichi Hayashi (President, Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation), Yuji Majima (Managing Director, Panasonic Appliances Marketing Asia Pacific), and Masaru Toyota (Vice President, Panasonic Philippines).

The new Panasonic Refrigerator features -3 degrees Celsius Prime Fresh freezing technology and keeps food fresh and tasty for up to a week. Its premium freshness, amazing visibility, and energy-saving properties give an edge to this state-of-the-art refrigerator.

The Bistro Group’s Corporate Chef, Josh Boutwood (right), who is 5’2″, shows how easy it is to get items from the top-most compartments of the new Panasonic ref. This attention to user experience makes this premium product stand out.

The new Cuble Washer/Dryer with ActiveFoam System boasts powerful washing performance to remove even stubborn stains in just 34 minutes. Achieving the most optimal wash for your clothes is definitely easy to attain. With less time spent washing, you have more time for you and your family. Finding the right balance is now achieved via these two new products.

“Panasonic designs and develops all functions with painstaking attention to detail from the standpoint of the user,” says Mr. Masaru Toyota, Panasonic Philippines‘ Vice President for Sales and Marketing. “Carefully crafting the functions, designs and quality of its products, Panasonic has continued to develop “Made in Japan” refrigerators and washing machines to provide customers with truly premium lifestyles by bringing extra ease and comfort to their everyday lives.”

There’s nothing better than spending time with people you care for the most. With all the chores one has to do at home, how can you strive to balance it all?

Left to right: Masaru Toyota (Vice President, Panasonic Philippines) and Shinichi Hayashi (President, Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation).

Check out these two products at your nearest Panasonic stores!

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