LINE app releases 3 part mini-drama ‘One LINE Love’


One LINE Love is a 3 part mini-drama starring Korean actor Lee Min Ho and Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden.

One LINE Love is a mini-drama starring Lee Min Ho who plays the role of “Min Ho,” a songwriter  and Taiwanese actress; with Bea Hayden, playing the role of “Ling Ling”, who visits Korea. Because they use English as a second language, Min Ho and Ling Ling communicates in a mix of English and LINE stickers. Additional LINE app features like voice and video messages are seen. LINE paraphernalia like the huge Cony and Brown doll plush toys and a Cony USB are featured as well. (You can watch all three episodes below!)

Naver’s global messenger app “LINE” offers free calls and messages between LINE subscribers. The app has 440 million subscribers and is the #1 downloaded app in 52 countries.

The mini drama was originally released and can be seen on China’s video-on-demand site IQiyi.  It now has several English subbed versions on YouTube.  Here are the english subbed versions from a YouTube user “Lee Min HoInternational

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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