Lamudi To Seek Out “Brilliant Young Minds” for Internship Program

If you are a smart, hardworking fresh graduate who wants a head start in their professional career, the Lamudi Future Leaders Program is for you.

Lamudi, the leading Philippine real estate online portal, is opening its doors to new graduates as they launch the Lamudi Future Leaders Program, a management trainee program designed to help young graduates jumpstart their professional careers through mentorship and hands-on experience in various disciplines.

“The Lamudi Future Leaders Program is a chance for graduates to find their footing in the workforce. As a program for individuals who are fresh out of college, they will not only get to put their academic knowledge into practice, but also be mentored to achieve their goals in terms of professional and personal growth,” Lamudi CEO and Managing Director Bhavna Suresh said.

“Our own staff is composed of young, dynamic personalities. Through the Lamudi Future Leaders Program, we plan to increase our team by selecting candidates who share our passion and ideals and are willing to learn. We are confident that there are brilliant young minds out there who fit the bill,” she added.

The Lamudi Future Leaders Program is opening its doors to graduates of any college or university whose interests are in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Information Technology. Applicants will be shortlisted based on their academic achievements and the completion of their requirements. If a candidate fails to qualify for their preferred department, their application will be reconsidered for other departments.

Once candidates are accepted into the program, they will be trained for one year through one-on-one mentorship with top management and hands-on projects. Throughout their training, they will be assessed regularly to determine their progress.

During the training program, candidates will be like regular employees. They will follow a regular schedule, receive a salary, and enjoy government-mandated and company benefits. After passing the six-month probationary period, they will earn leave credits. When they successfully reach the end of their training, they will be given new position titles and continue their professional journey with Lamudi.

Lamudi sees the program as a win-win, benefiting both the candidate and the company. “A brand is only as good as the team behind it,” Suresh stated. “As a relatively young but aggressive company, Lamudi has a lot of plans on how to move the company forward. We know that the new graduates about to enter the current Philippine workforce have what it takes to help us reach our goals.

Lamudi will start accepting applicants for the Lamudi Future Leaders Program on August 6, 2018. To learn more about the program, please visit the official website.

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