JBL Joins Consumers in Celebrating Their Passions with #AmplifyPassion

In today’s day and age, people develop varying interests and passions, making each one unique in their own special way. Some are inclined into the arts, while others are avid travelers, thrill seekers, and sport/fitness enthusiasts. However, what links all these people together is their burning desire to excel in their own passion.

Joining each unique individual in pursuing their respective passion is global audio equipment brand – JBL, as they launched their #AmplifyPassion campaign. A two-day event at the Glorietta Activity Center, from March 10 to 11, 2016, the mall event introduced JBL’s extensive line of headphones that fit everyone’s interests and needs to push them further with JBL’s signature sound and design.

Travelers and casual listeners can get a kick from JBL’s lifestyle headphones line, bannered by their wireless Everest series that combine unmatched sound quality with ergonomic design – for a pleasurable and dynamic acoustic experience. Its flagship model – the Everest Elite 700 NC, is the perfect companion for those driven by excellent music and sound in their interests, as it offers an array of innovative features. One of its key features is its NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Technology, which allow users to control the amount of outside noise, to create the ideal balance of ambient sound and music. The carefully sculptured ear cushions also provide the right ear comfort through its 15-hour playtime – coupled with its TruNote technology that calibrates sound based on the fit around the ears.

Also included in the Everest series are the equality impressive, Elite 300 NC, Elite 100 NC, 700 BT, 300 BT, and 100 BT.

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts can also experience great sound and music with the Under Armour Wireless and Reflect Mini BT, under its sports headphones line. Engineered by JBL, the UA wireless was built to exhibit JBL’s signature sound and wireless feature for up to eight hours. Made especially for those with active lifestyles, it also sports a durable design to withstand sweat/water, and JBL’s Twistlock technology to assure users that the headphones will never fall off, while fitting comfortably.

Alongside the UA wireless headphones is the lightweight Reflect Mini BT, which guarantee users the perfect fit and stability to experience great sound and keep their adrenaline flowing. Apart from these two sports centric headphones are JBL’s Grip Series, Reflect Response, Reflect Mini, Yurbuds Leap, and Yurbuds Inspire Series.

Passionate music lovers – novice and professionals alike, can also satisfy their desire for great sound with the Studio Headphones line that compose of the JBL E40BT and E50BT – as well as AKG’s Y50, Y50BT, and Y45BT, and Harman Kardon’s Soho and Soho Wireless.


Aside from the exhibit of JBL, Yurbuds, AKG, and Harman Kardon’s extensive headphones line, the #AmplifyPassion event also allowed mall goers to experience the lifestyle behind each of the featured products.

The event also included a two-day hologram concert that feature top international artists, as well as JBL’s passion videos that featured #AmplifyPassion ambassadors – Camille Co and Michele Gumabao.

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