iFace Slim Waistline Silicone Case for the LG G2 Review


Right now, this is my go-to case for my LG G2. My hand loves the soft rubber sides that provide good, comfy grip, plus that contoured look (it’s a waistline, like the case name says) to the G2. There is an ever so slight rise on the back, more of a swell, really, that serves as an arc that my hand loves. Snug fit hold, comfy grip, hard plastic back that’s not slippery at all.

I’ve dropped my G2 maybe four times with the iFace on, no problem. The back side has scuffs the case wears with pride.

The iFace Slim Waistline Silicone Case for the LG G2 slips on and off easily. You may be tempted to look for all ten colors and maybe buy three when you find out about the price.

At P350.00, the iFace is a third of the price of my first LG G2 case (a Mob c: Dual Guardian Fit case at P1,200.00) and easily a sixth of the price of the OtterBox Commuter Series Case (SRP P2,150.00). I got my iFace off a stall in Glorietta 5. This site says the iFace sells for $29.15 and at olx.ph it sells for P700.00. Why so cheap at Glorietta? Maybe because you can order the iFace in bulk.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the LG G2 and the iFace Slim Waistline Silicone Case for the LG G2

I only have one complaint against the iFace Slim Waistline Silicone Case for the LG G2.

Left connector tip is from a USB OTG from CDR-King, P30. Right is a P150.00 USB OTG with a thinner connector tip.

The hole at the bottom of the iFace, the one for the charging port, is just small enough to let the LG G2’s own charger’s connector tip to go through and connect snug-fit. Problem is when you’re plugging in a cheap USB OTG connector tip which are often thick. So I bought a thin one for P150.00. Other than this, I can’t find anything wrong with the iFace.



Given the tough but soft-to-the-touch rubber framing the case and the rubber lining beneath the back side, you can safely say that the iFace Slim Waistline Silicone Case for the LG G2 has an anti-shock and drop protection agenda.

Throw in the lovely colors it comes in and the price and there’s not a lot to argue about. If you have an LG G2, get the case. It’s cheap. If you have a friend with a G2, it makes for a good gift. Just keep mum about the price, because the iFace Slim Waistline Silicon Case looks and feels premium.


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