Have your .blogspot blog point to a domain name

You have a blog hosted in blogger and now you want it to point to your domain name to get a more professional feel. (Our newest and still-under-construction lifestyle blog, www.morningzest.com is hosted in blogger and was originally morningzest.blogspot.com.) This post tells you how.

The instructions below is me assuming that you already have a blogger account and you’ve already purchased a domain name.  If you haven’t done either, do get both first. Also, the domain name should be parked with your domain provider.

Login to your blogger account.

1. Go to Settings > Basic and look for the “Publishing” section.

2. Click on “+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog”. It should look like this:

3. Enter your domain name and click on “Save”. You’ll get an error message. Take note of the 2 CNAMEs that you see (labelled here as a and b).


Login to your Godaddy account.

If your domain provider is not Godaddy, reach out to your domain provider and ask where you can edit your domain name’s CNAME and A Records. If it’s not on your control panel, they should still be able to do it for you.

1.  Choose the domain name that you want to point to your blogger hosted site by clicking on “Manage”.


2. Go to the “DNS Zone File” tab and click on “Add Record”


3. Click on the drop down and choose CNAME. Enter the two CNAMEs that you noted while you were in your blogger account one at a time and click “Finish”.


4. After entering the CNAMEs your CNAME section should look like this:

5.  Go back to the top and click on “Add Record” (see #3) and add these 4 IP address as your “A” record one at a time. The host name should be “@”. When you’re done, click “Finish”.


It should end up looking this this.


Go back to your blogger account.

1. Go back to Settings > Basic > Publishing

2. Enter your domain name with the “www” in the beginning and click on save.  It should go through and end up looking like this:

Give it an hour before you check if everything works.




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