Grab gives “Papugay” to drivers 5-star-rated for commendable service

What goes viral are not just the negative, but the positive – like stories of kind deeds and thoughtful gestures shared by customers who took a cab, booked a ride, and had their parcel delivered.

Grab Car Driver Michael De Jose De Pedro shouldered his passenger’s fare when he learned that he was transporting a bag of blood from the Red Cross for their mother’s transfusion. Grab Taxi Driver Renato Meneses Mangalindan knows the secret shortcuts in Metro Manila, and takes the fastest routes to save his passengers time, something we all need when we’re late for work or a meeting. Grab Delivery Driver Sandro Lozano makes it a habit to inform his client, through SMS, where the parcel is. When you receive that message you are reassured, and it makes a difference.

While being a Grab partner is a way to make a living, some go beyond the minimum to meet your needs. These drivers deserve a fitting salute.

To honor the outstanding, people-focused service, of these hardworking drivers, Grab holds its Papugay Awards every quarter. Papugay recognizes Grab Car, Grab Taxi, and Grab Delivery drivers with the most 5 star ratings in that period. This recent Labor Day, Grab invited selected Grab partners to receive their awards in a simple but meaningful ceremony.

This quarter’s Grab Papugay Awardees include (standing, L-R) Antonio Maravilla Jr., Emerson Del Rosario Ignacio, Romualdo Salvo Alabarca, Edgardo Mangubat Casimsiman, Pedro Desucatan, Jovelton Almonte Lopez, Normando De Borja Cruz, Luisito Santos, Loly Santos spouse of Ronald Cachapero Santos; (sitting, L-R) Michael De Jose De Pedro, Jose Rizal Acevedo Matacot, Victor Gernale, Oniel Edoria, and Ahdan Guzman).

“As you book your ride through the app, our drivers become the frontliners of the service. We value our drivers as – they are at the core of our commitment to improve and consistently offer high-quality experiences to our passengers,” said Cindy Toh, Grab Philippines Country Marketing Head.

It’s the Small Things That Make You Feel Taken Care of

We remember the details – the clean car interiors, an aircon that doesn’t smell like last week, the driver with cool playlist or amusing stories. And some drivers really do go beyond the guidelines to give you the thoughtful extras – a clean up kit of alcohol and wipes, candies to kill the time in traffic, sometimes even a videoke session on the road, and honest drivers who reach out to passengers who left cash and valuables to hand them back.

For Grab Car drivers, Jovelton Almonte Lopez makes an effort to make his passengers happy, comfy, and hydrated during his trips: he offers water, candies, tissue, and crackers. Victor Gernale‘s knowledge of the city saved his passenger from missing his flight – the same knowledge allowed him to help another passenger find a place to live. Normando De Borja Cruz refused his passenger’s offer to double the fare, even when he took them home when it was very hard to book a ride (nothing extra accepted, he said he as only doing his duty).

Ronald Cachapero lifted his passenger’s half-paralyzed mother to and from his car. Jose Rizal Aceverdo Matacot, knowing his passenger was taking her aunt to the hospital, refused to take the fare. Told his passenger had Leukemia, Emerson Del Rosario did not charge for the ride, but even prayed for the patient’s health to improve. 63-year-old Romualdo Salvo Alabarca, on his way home to Molino, not only picked up his passenger on his way, but did not charge for it; and even picked up passengers stranded along the way.

For Grab Taxi Drivers, Luisito Santos shows the same concern for his passengers as a parent would, and it shows: his passengers have called him “Tatay”. Pedro Desucatan is all good vibes – passengers have commented on how happy they are on his trip. Edgardo Mangubat Casimsiman is the epitome of patience: he’s willing (and he has gone) to different gasoline stations to have his passengers’ fare money changed to smaller bills.

For Grab Delivery Drivers, a customer commented that Grab Delivery Driver Ahdan Guzman was “extra nice”, and he does make an effort to give great service. Jimmy Orpilla Jr. and Antonio Maravilla make sure of their fast delivery to clients. Oniel Edoria was paid P500 by mistake (it should have been only P50) and he immediately informed the customer and gave back the exact change.

Because Great (and Thoughtful) Service Merits 5 Stars

The smallest gesture can make your trip more convenient, and Grab drivers know that, and passengers send their gratitude with 5 star ratings and share their stories online for the online world to witness. There are more stories like these, shared by grateful passengers and happy parcel customers. Grab would love you to share your stories by sending a message to the official GrabPH Facebook page.

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