Goldilocks Junior Club Fun Day – Outdoor Fun with Traditional Pinoy Games and Activities

Parents who grew up playing Piko, Tumbang Preso, and Sipa know what today’s glued-to-their-phones kids need: some great outdoor fun. That’s the aim of the Goldilocks Junior Club Fun Day, held last April 22 at the SM MOA Arena Music Hall. “At a time when most kids’ idea of fun is to be isolated in a virtual world of screens and games, Goldilocks wanted to remind them about the joy of group interaction and physical play,” said Goldilocks Marketing Director Cherry Caluya. “These larong Pinoy form a delightful part of our Filipino customs, and today’s children will greatly benefit from learning them.”

Goldilocks Junior Club members received a free shirt, meals, and other freebies when they arrived early in the day. With the event held in a public venue, families and children were drawn to the festivities and signed up for membership so their kids could avail of the numerous perks, which include ice cream, a decorated Goldilocks cup cake, cotton candy, a coloring book, and free Goldilocks Do-It-Yourself Cake Decorating Kit.

Event host Chiqui Reyes’s presence enlivened the program, which included classic Pinoy games (Piko, Tumbang Presor, Sipa), Spin the Wheel, Storytelling (led by the host on stage who read the story), DIY Cake Decorating, a dance number by the Bearkada Bears (who also held photo sessions with the crowd), and a pabitin game with cool prizes and goodies.

Of course, outdoor play also meant outdoor merienda, and inside the venue Goldilocks had set up a product stall made to look like a Jeepney. A refreshment stand, selling halo-halo among others, were also in place.

The Goldilocks Junior Club Fun Day was a day to remember for all those who were there. For more information, log on to or visit GoldilocksPh on Facebook or Twitter.

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