#FindRealGreatFinds this Christmas at adobomall!

Download the adobomall app and visit adobomall.com now to shop straight from your favorite retail brands.

Imagine shopping this Christmas from your favorite brands sans the hassle of long traffic lines and cashier queues all in just one tap, maybe even while watching your favorite TV series or while lounging with a cup of your favorite coffee in hand. This is what the adobomall shopping experience is all about. adobomall brings you the first shopping app of its kind where you can #FindRealGreatFinds: an online hub where you can directly shop from over 300 retail brands. And the best part? adobomall ensures that every item you buy is real, authentic, and straight from the distributors—guaranteed! It’s literally shopping for your Christmas gifts right in the comfort of your own home.

This Filipino tech start-up is the brainchild of Innwerworks CEO Walt Steven Young, and his innovative, tech savvy team who have successfully filled in the gap between shopping and technology- a first for a Filipino Technology start-up. As a trusted partner of global business, Innerworks provides innovative software development and outsource services from the Philippines. After years of quality experience in tech development and innovations, Young dreamt up a functional and efficient solution to the Filipino shopper’s plight. He gives us adobomall – the Philippines’ FIRST Online Shopping Mall. “adobomall is a vision, it’s not just a mall, we strive to give experiential value to the customers.

Being a certified online shopper herself, #KrisGetsReal as Kris Aquino is launched as the new partner endorser for Adobomall.

On top of that, the biggest value we bring is that we are the only platform that is purely authentic and genuine. When it comes to authenticity, trust and having the technological capacity, its adobomall”. Young dreams that this will one day be a global experience shining a light on Filipino innovation. The name ‘adobomall’ is obviously derived from the country’s favorite dish. In the same way Adobo brings Filipino pride to the culinary world… adobomall aims to bring Filipino pride to the Tech and Business world.

Aside from giving users an innovative technological shopping experience, adobomall houses over 300 merchants with some products exclusive only to adobomall ranging from technology, beauty, active lifestyle, home, kids, and fashion. Featured under these categories are some of the top brands: Apple, Coke, Digital Walker, Kamiseta, Fisher Price, Fujifilm, and Wilson to name a few.

The Customers and Merchants are always First

adobomall is not just about selling and shopping, it introduces us to exciting new technology and an online experience like we’ve never seen before.

Pioneering a totally new way of shopping, adobomall takes it a notch higher by launching an augmented reality (AR) shopping experience. This allows customers to unlock special deals and discounts according to the user’s interests at specific geo-tagged locations. Also, adobomall has developed the very first truly smart and sensitive app in the Philippines that adapts to the consumer’s unique preferences and environment. The app will eventually be sensitive enough to suggest specific products, discounts and deals according to one’s location, environment and even one’s mood. A brand new online shopping revolution.

Kris Aquino poses with Walt Steven Young (second to the right) and the rest of the Adobomall Team who spearheaded this new online shopping innovation in the Philippines (from left to right): Emmanuel Yu, Joaquin Valdes, Jeremy Clemente, and James Tiu (not in photo)

Servicing adobomall’s partner merchants is of equal importance as the customer experience. In today’s fast-paced e-commerce environment, finding the right data businesses need to better serve customers can be difficult without the right tools. With their tech expertise, adobomall takes pride in being the first platform to deliver insightful, streamlined, back-end data or “big data” to their merchants with unparalleled customer insight and information in real time. This will provide merchants with the necessary information to enhance their services, products and marketing calendars. Also, just like designing their own mall storefronts, merchants can also customize their own adobomall storefront to help strengthen their brand’s identity, equity, and experience.

Adobomall CEO Walt Steven Young has found the perfect partner in no other than the queen of shopping herself, Kris Aquino.

adobomall shows us why it is the only online shopping destination where Filipinos can #FindRealGreatFinds by partnering with the ever meticulous and discerning shopper – Kris Aquino. Her strong belief in authenticity, quality, integrity, Filipino ingenuity not to mention her love for shopping, makes her the perfect partner. Truly, #KrisGetsReal with  adobomall.

Being a meticulous and avid shopper herself, #KrisGetsReal and shares her excitement for this new online shopping destination where she can #FindRealGreatFinds on real and authentic products.

This is only a glimpse of what adobomall has to offer. Now head over to www.adobomall.com and download the app to experience the fully digitized shopping experience right at your fingertips. Sign up now and #FindRealGreatFinds just in time for Christmas!

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