Ericsson: Four 2015 Trends ICT Players Should Watch


Ericsson sees a shift from physical products to mobile services, resulting in new business models and new ways of solving old problems.

“All in all, you can see that ICT drives transformation that is really changing the game,” said Elie Hanna, President of Ericsson Philippines and Pacific Islands.

Hanna goes on to point out four changes Ericsson sees as vital in 2015: “… [1] more people will watch streamed, on-demand video than broadcast TV on a weekly basis; [2] video will generate half of the mobile data traffic; [3] LTE subscriber growth will exceed 80 percent; and [4] world mobile broadband coverage will be above 70 percent.”

At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2015, Ericsson showcased its capabilities aligned with meeting customer needs in the changing times. These include Media Delivery Network, Digital Telco Transformation, Expert Analytics 15.0, Hyperscale Cloud, Maritime ICT Cloud, Connected Traffic Cloud, App Experience Optimization, Networks Software 15B, LTE License Assisted Access, Ericsson Router 6000 Series, and the Ericsson Radio System.

“We’ve identified a potential 14 trillion USD in efficiency and hidden value – in the transport and healthcare sectors alone,” Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg

Hanna discussed three of Ericsson’s capabilities showcased at MWS 2015.

Ericsson Radio System

By 2020, 90% of the world population above 6 years old will have a mobile phone; this according to Ericsson. Leading to that scenario would be another Ericsson-predicted jump in smartphone traffic by 8 times between 2014 and 2020. The Ericsson Radio System aims to improve app coverage for mobile device users; it puts operators on the road to 5G by delivering industry-leading performance, on Ericsson’s Many-Core Baseband Architecture – while drastically reducing energy requirements, site space, and install time.

Ericsson Cloud System gets Hyperscale Upgrade

Responding to the growing demand for cloud agility, operational scale, and associated economics, Ericsson introduced its Hyperscale Cloud Solution – a solution that also mitigate existing concerns around security and governance.

“With Intel and other industry leaders we are bringing a hyperscale approach across both software and hardware. We are re-inventing the future data center concept from a total architecture and economics perspective” said Hanna.

New products in the Ericsson Cloud System include the Ericsson HDS 8000 (Hyperscale Datacenter System), built on Intel Rack Scale Architecture, and the Ericsson Secure Cloud Storage and Ericsson Continuum.

App Experience Optimization

This uses tailored measurements that give operators insights about availability, accessibility, integrity, and retainability, which in turn allows Ericsson’s network design and optimization experts to optimize and fine-tune operators’ systems where it matters most to the customer. “…The biggest rivers of smartphone customer loyalty is network performance. In this environment, network performance KPIs need to capture our operators’ in-app experience,” Hanna said.

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