Electricity Rates go down this August

Meralco announced that after three consecutive months of reduction, the overall rates for its residential customers this August went down by PhP 0.26 per kWh. This brings the total reduction to PhP 1.56 per kWh over the past four months. This month’s reduction also marks the sixth time this year that rates have gone down.


Meralco Public Information Office Head Joe Zaldarriaga explains that the reduction in the overall rates was primarily due to a decrease in the generation charge.

Check your previous bills if you see the difference.  Since the reduction is minute, you might have missed it.  Here’s what mine looks like:

I probably miscalculated on a technical level since I don’t know about the other charges.  And I definitely don’t get where the PhP 1.56 per kWh total reduction came from.  As a consumer, I look at my bill as a whole and I do see a difference month-to-month.

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